Media Presenter & Journalist

You give shows, events and programmes their profile and content, carry out interviews, announce contributions and introduce guests. You have the necessary knowledge of the entire work process surrounding a broadcast production. Your employers are organisers of events, radio and television channels and large production companies.

  • Fluent speech & writing
  • Interviewing & moderating techniques
  • PR work & rules of journalism
  • Voice tone & emotional acting
  • Basics of video technology

Single courses in your Diploma


1. Semester: You will learn how to be aware of and control your breathing and articulation, how to compile texts and how to adapt to news, documentary, advertising or literary texts in the studio. Here it will be important to develop a feel for the sound of speech, intonation and free public speaking in front of an audience


1. Semester: You will learn how to draft press releases and texts for advertising and PR. Make use of classical journalistic ways of presenting and learn useful aspects of story-telling, media law and efficient research. Develop your own style of writing and stylistic confidence.

Studio Narrator

2. Semester: You are skilled at working in front of a microphone in a sound studio. The targeted use of tone and timbre guarantee you a broad range of expressiveness. You engage in further training in emotional acting, the basics of studio work, voice-overs and audio book / audio drama production.

Print & Online Editor

2. Semester: You will learn how to conduct interviews, research topics and edit texts. You develop headlines and prepare suitable content for the internet. Learn about the basics of layout, image editing and web design as well as basic principles of journalistic publishing.


3. Semester: Generate texts for radio, television and event moderation and present content in a fun and easy way. You will learn how to use body language, facial expressions and gestures to enter into dialogue with your audience and react spontaneously to unexpected situations.


3. Semester: You are able to prepare your contents for all relevant social media and broadcasting platforms and fit them into the specific storytelling. Next to content conception you are familiar with content production and know how to realize projects for broadcasting and how to go “live” on every common platform. 

Welcome to the exciting world of music, media and the arts – the creative iandustry.

Across the globe, artistic and communication as well as organisational and technical professions are among the most fun and in demand. Today, the creative sector is the third largest employer and the need for experienced experts and universal talents is growing from day to day. New trends and technical developments provide the impulse for near unlimited creativity and design opportunities.


  •  Creative
  •  Technical
  •  Organisational
  •  Communicative

Start your career as

  • Dubbing Artist
  • Journalist
  • Narrator
  • Media Presenter
University Of West London

Course structure / Duration

The overall duration of the training depends on how many individual courses are taken. Each individual course runs for one semester (half a year). Individual courses which do not build on one another can also be taken in parallel. It is therefore possible to complete individual training courses either part time or full time.
Part time: 6 semesters. Full time: 3 semesters.

Course fees

You will be able to finance your Diploma course from as little as € 75 per month. The course fees can be paid per month or per semester. If all course fees are paid up front and in full you can save up to 20%. You will find an overview of our course fees in our free information brochure. Our team on site will be happy to help you plan your training or study course during a personal advisory meeting

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