UNITED POP – an overview


  • Your entry point into the music and media sector
  • Professional expertise and trainers with practical experience
  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • References and contacts due to project work
  • Direct practical experience in class
  • Flexible starting dates several times a year
  • Graduation with UNITED POP diploma and certificates
  • Bachelor Course in cooperation with the University of West London

Educational programmes

  • 5 departments:
    • Music & Sound
    • Marketing & Management
    • Acting, Voice & Communication
    • Games, Film & Photography
    • Design, Fashion & Make-Up
  • Bachelor Courses in cooperation with the University of West London
  • More than 35 Diploma Courses corresponding to professions within the creative industries
  • Over 50 individual Single Courses which can be combined as well as additional qualifications

Time frame

  • Personalised duration of the training depending on how many individual courses are taken
  • Each Single Course lasts one semester
  • Training in new contents with generally four contact hours per week in addition to project work, practice time, seminars and independent study time.
  • Average time spent is about 20 hours per week and per Single Course
  • It is possible to take several Single Courses simultaneously


  • A good knowledge of English
  • Commitment, enthusiasm, willingness to work independently, an interest in music and media
  • No particular high school certificate is necessary
  • Recommended starting age is over 18 years, subject to parents’ consent 16 years may also be possible.
  • Proven English language skills through IELTS for the Bachelor Course

Exams per course module

  • One interim exam (oral, written or practical)
  • One presentation
  • One final written exam
  • Various practical tasks
  • One project which will also serve as a reference

Duration of the courses

The overall duration of the training depends on how many Single Courses are taken. Each Single Course runs for one semester (half a year). Single Courses which do not build on one another can also be taken in parallel. It is therefore possible to complete courses either part time or full time.

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