Complaints Procedure:

We are always seeking to maintain a high standard in the provision of our courses, services and facilities to you. However, as much as we try, sometimes things can go wrong.

To deal with any issues, United POP has established its student complaints procedure to deal with legitimate complaints from students in an unbiased and efficient manner. You can complain individually or as part of a group. We’ll make sure your complaint is dealt with fairly, objectively, and confidentially, and that you won’t face any negative repercussions for submitting a complaint.

Complaints can be about:

  • provision of academic services described in United POP / Deutsche POP publications including teaching, content of courses, or support for learning
  • incorrect or misleading information about services provided by United POP / Deutsche POP
  • provision of other University services described in literature published by United POP / Deutsche POP

Complaints can’t be about:

  • any matters relating to examination and assessment procedures or academic appeals. The appropriate procedures are described in the Study and Exam Regulations.

The complaints procedure is set out in two stages as detailed below:

Stage I: Informal Resolution of Complaints

If you have an issue, you should raise it informally with the appropriate member of staff. You can make the complaint verbally, or in writing, and should do so as soon as possible, or within 10 working days of a specific incident. The member of staff to whom the complaint is made will investigate or refer the complaint as appropriate, and a response will be made to you by e-mail, normally within 10 working days.

Stage II: Formal Complaints Procedure

If an informal approach does not fix the problem, or you’re not happy with the outcome, you can raise it as a formal complaint. You should make a formal complaint within ten working days of the outcome of your informal complaint. To do so, complete the following form explaining your complaint in detail and use the submit button to send it. We will investigate your complaint, and an outcome will be sent to you in writing within ten working days. If we’re unable to resolve a complaint within that time we’ll contact you with an explanation and expected outcome date.

Your complaint
Actions you have taken
Requested outcome
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