Emerging Filmmaker: Vince J. Trenton and the Importance of Mental Health

Vince J. Trenton, once a trained office clerk, has embarked on an exciting journey into the world of film. As a student at United POP, he is an emerging filmmaker who passionately and persistently pursues his path. His journey is marked by an inner exploration that led him to reassess his priorities and engage with truly important issues.

Even before Vince began his formal studies at the academy in Stuttgart in 2021, he had undergone a period of self-reflection. A world trip served not only as a physical adventure but also as an opportunity to better understand himself and reconsider his dreams. During this time, he realized that mental health is a crucial factor on any life journey, whether traveling or pursuing a career. Vince had to figure out what truly matters in life and how to prioritize between family, friends, work, and his own dreams. During this time, his dream of making films was temporarily put on hold. Vince realized that one must first discover and sort out some things about oneself before facing new challenges and goals. Everything happens in its own time, in a process of growth and discovery.

As part of his journey, Vince has completed his acting training in London, where he has lived for quite some time. To him, the city is an important spot to develop his professional career. With his background in acting and a strong interest in creative expression, Vince discovered his passion for film. For him, it is particularly exciting that he can explore and depict human existence in all its facets, both as an actor and as a filmmaker, from two different perspectives. So, he decided to first complete the Diploma in Film and Motion Design, followed by the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Film & Media Production at the University of West London, where he is currently in the third trimester - almost finished. But the POP student has long been thinking about the future after his bachelor's degree. His goal is not only to make films but also to convey important messages through his works. Central to him is the theme of mental health, which he addresses in his films and documentaries in a sensitive manner. For Vince, his works are a means to provoke society into thinking and to make a positive contribution, to give something back. Ideally, his work serves as a wake-up call and creates awareness about mental health issues, in every aspect of life and work. So far, Vince has focused his films particularly on the art scene and deals with topics such as bullying and discrimination in dance, music, or acting schools. On the other hand, Vince wants to create a sort of utopia with his work.

It sounds as if Vince has finally found his calling after a long inner and outer journey. But he has a clear opinion on this:

"The dream job is not just a fixed goal, but rather an ongoing journey. It's not about finally arriving and being successful. It's about continuously evolving and shaping and holding onto your profession."


According to the aspiring filmmaker, it is particularly important to also keep an eye on his personal physical and mental health. He recognizes that obstacles and challenges are part of the journey and that it is important to seek help when needed.

Despite his still young career, Vince has clear plans for the future. He has founded his own film and media production company and aims to further advance his professional career. He is aware that resilience and networking are important keys to success, which is why he also aims at visiting and participating in (international) film festivals. He is determined to pursue his passion with diligence and responsibility while remaining flexible to open himself to new opportunities.

For anyone considering a career change, Vince has valuable tips. He encourages taking action in the here and now and not letting thoughts of age or time limit you. The message is clear:

"Pursue your passion with determination and be ready to continuously evolve. Success will follow when you pursue your path with passion and responsibility."

Want to see Vinces work for yourself? Here are his channels:

Instagram: @vinjtren and @trevin.film.and.media

Youtube: @trevinfilmandmedia




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