Don´t stress – The Feature of the Song „Shine“ by Patina Lux

Know-How and talent can be trained; Nike from Berlin proves this. The young songwriter recently gave in to her passion and learned the craft at United POP in Berlin. Her very first, final song made it onto the Campus Compilation 2020. Read all about how she appoaches songwriting, and why we should all relax a little bit in this feature. 

From 100 voice memos to the final song

Nike from Berlin made it - she is one of the Top-Talents who made it onto the current sampler. Her song „Shine“ is the number 6 on the tracklist of our Campus Compilation, a CD that annually unifies the talent of all POP students worldwide. Her composition is a relaxed but danceable song that radiates a lot of good vibes. Listening to it, you wouldn´t believe that this is actually her very first song. In October 2019, the young musician started her diploma Songwriting at United POP in Berlin. The difficulty for many beginners is not knowing how to start the craft. This also was the case fo Nike: "I had many melodies and bits in my head, and about 100 voice memos on my phone. But writing a song from A to Z is something entirely different". 

From the shadow into the light 

When it comes to songwriting, everybody has their own approach. Nike for example needs pressure, she tells us: "I need a deadline somehow. If I have 3 months, I need those 3 months for a song; if I only have 2 days, I only need 2 days", she laughs. Under the alias Patina Lux she wrote the song "Shine" for the Campus Compilation. The message behind it: Don´t let yourselves be stressed by society´s expectations: "At a certain age, you are expected to fulfill certain standards. The clock is ticking, which is also the main motive of the song". Since Nike decided to focus on her music quite recently, this topic was very prominent in her daily life: 

„I wanted to get a positive outcome. I wanted to give myself this advice."

Nikes artist name reflects this epiphany. In one of her favorite books, "Der Weg des Künstlers" by Julia Cameron, so called shadow artists are thematized, who suppress the artist in themselves for a long time. This is exactly how the alumna felt for quite some time. Because of society´s standards and the "I want to, but I shouldn´t"-mindset she did not give in to her inner passion. Now she feels like she came into the light - Lux. Her first song being called "Shine" underlines this process; Nike the artist has finally arrived. 

Take everything you can take 

Through the community at United POP, the Compilation participant made some valuable connections: "it´s the perfect place to meet like-minded people". Still, if you want to start your career as an artist, you need to work for it: "In the end, everybody is responsible for themselves. But I had great teachers with lots of knowledge". Nikes advice for beginners: Take everything you can take along the way. Learning something new - where and however - is always worth it.

The journey of Patina Lux

Since her graduation at United POP, the Berlin girl eagerly works on new songs. She will try to produce everything on her own as much as possible. Despite her successful education, the POP graduate sees herself just at the beginning of her songwriter journey: „I am still experimenting and don´t want to decide anything. But it could take the direction of indie/electro pop, but then with organic elements". Finally, Nike has a piece of advice for her fellow songwriters, that comes with a wink

„There is no recipe to songwriting. In the end, everybody needs to see how the inspiration comes. Still, knowing the rules is helpful - then they can be broken intentionally"

On 11 June, her new song „Lockdown Love“ will be released. You can already pre-save it here. Nike´s song „Shine“ and all other tracks on the Campus Compilation 2020 can be found here. We are looking forward to seeing where Nikes journey takes her and wish her all the best! 

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