Photo: © Anastasiia Bodnia

Campus Calendar 02/2019: Anastasiia Bodnia

Campus Calendar 2019 - in February with Anastasiia Bodnia (Diploma Photo & Media Design in Frankfurt)

For a long time, Anastasia's mind had been thinking of turning her hobby of photography into her profession. But how?

"It seemed so difficult for me to get there, and for a long time I didn't know how to get closer to that big goal.

Finally, Anastasiia discovered UnitedPOP and began her photography studies. Since then, she has already shot many different subjects with her camera, but child and family photography remains her passion.

Photo: © Anastasiia Bodnia

"Almost my whole group of friends has kids, most of them have been playing with each other since birth - so they all know each other very well. That's the top priority for a good picture. The children have to feel comfortable and trust each other and the situation. Since I've had the idea of photographing children as couples, I'm more than happy about the Campus Calendar. Seeing my picture in a calendar that big makes me proud."

Anastasiia explains that she always has a concept before starting a shoot, but as a photographer, you have to be flexible as well.

Photo: © Anastasiia Bodnia

"Especially with young people, you never know what's gonna happen. I try to give as much freedom as possible. For example, the apple scene wasn't planned and now defines the whole scene."

What do you attach particular importance to in your photography?

"On true emotions. If the picture expresses the situation and the associated feeling, I have done everything right. And that is only possible if it is real. That's the great thing about photographing children. They are honest and realistic, so emotions can be expressed in a more natural way."

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