Workshop at Open Day: Understanding typography with Jenny

UNITED POP Amsterdam
Q-Factory, Atlantisplein 1
NL-1093 NE Amsterdam

Saturday, 13 March 2021
11:00 ‐ 14:00‌

free of charge

Workshop at Open Day: Understanding typography with Jenny

In our online stream you get the opportunity to be inspired and to exchange ideas by numerous creatives from all over Central Europe.

This workshop will introduce you into the fundamentals of typography within graphic design. You will learn the differences between typographic families, what key elements should be considered when using typography within a visual context and explore what typography can do or not do for visual communication.

  • You will develop an understanding of the basic characters of typography differ
  • You will understand how image and typography can complement each other in a visual context
  • You will learn that typography can also have meaning and message - if the right font is chosen.

This workshop is part of an Open Day and therefore free of charge. The Open Day starts at 11:00. The workshop itself will start at 11:00. The workshop is approximately 1 hour long.