Diploma Exhibition 2023 - Get Connected

The biannual Diploma Exhibition is a recurring highlight in which our talented Diploma graduates from all locations present their final projects in a virtual exhibition on Artsteps. 

Artsteps is an innovative platform that enables users to create virtual spaces in which art and creativity can be experienced by a wide audience in a three-dimensional environment. 

This online exhibition with the guiding theme "Get Connected" is about more than just the physical networking of people and ideas; it is about the connection between technology, emotion and artistic expression, which is recognisable in the multi-layered works of the participants.  

The exhibition is characterised by a variety of interpretations of the theme and combines different media from various disciplines: From photographs and moving images to graphic designs and audio projects. 

"Get Connected" is not just a theme, but also an appeal to viewers to connect with art and creation in new ways and to experience the inspiration that emanates from the young creatives. 

Click here for the current Diploma Exhibition

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