Music & Event Manager

Your knowledge of economics and commercial viability helps you to place artists, their productions and events on the market successfully. Broaden your creative networks and develop clear ideas and concepts for your projects.

  • Strategic marketing of artists & music
  • Event & stage management
  • Media marketing & project management
  • Press & public relations
  • Copyright law & contracts in music & media

Single courses in your Diploma

Project Manager

1. Semester: You will learn how to properly communicate your goals and manage your time efficiently. How do I present my product, which marketing methods are appropriate, how do I successfully work in a team? These and other questions help turn your ideas into viable projects.

Marketing Manager

1. Semester: For your first campaign you will develop strategic marketing ideas and learn how to think in a sales-focused manner. You make use of target group analysis and train your knowledge of the specificities of current relevant forms of advertising and the rules of the market.

Event Manager

2. Semester: You are able to successfully plan, advertise and execute an event. In order to do so you calculate the budget, work on public relations, event marketing and acquiring sponsors. In addition, you have an insight into legal and insurance issues.

Online Marketing Manager

2. Semester: You use the internet for your campaigns and learn how online and offline marketing complement each other. When selecting advertising material you make use of current key figures in order to stick to the budget and push forward brand creation on the internet.

Music Manager

3. Semester: You advise artists and are familiar with the financial, contractual and organisational basics: music marketing, promotion and sales. Here it is important to keep an eye on the maths and to draft contracts and licences.

Media Manager

3. Semester: In order to market a media format one first has to know and analyse the market. You develop your own concepts and strategies, learn about media law, editing, finances, sales and marketing. You negotiate contracts appropriate for each sector and plan press and public relations work for new products.

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