BA students open virtual exhibition

Our students from the current Bachelor programs Fashion & Textiles, Photography, Film & Media Production, Games, Design & Animation and Graphic Design* present their project work in a virtual exhibition. Some of them are still in the middle of their studies, others are now leaving the academy with their full BA (Hons) degree from UWL. On Saturday, 14.5. the exhibition was officially opened, where all participating departments come together in a creative whole. From now on you can roam through our virtual Bachelor-Exhibition and get inspired by the creative works of the alumni and students.

* The Bachelor (Hons) programmes delivered by United POP are validated by the University of West London and comply with the requirements of the UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education and the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area (FQ-EHEA).

Check out the exhibition right here!

Location Unknown

As a joint project, the exhibition was organized entirely by the students themselves, so they also voted on the title for the exhibition. The result: Location Unknown, this year's theme of the Bachelor Exhibition. The promo artwork that won the internal vote was created by Timothy van der Wingen, Ngoc Lan Nguyen and Marius Pohl. The students had complete freedom in the content of the project work; in the area of photography, Course Leader Alistair Fuller only provided one image as inspiration (see photo on the right). This allowed the students to work out their very own interpretations of the image and incorporate them into their projects.  

Photo: © Alistair Fuller

Private tour for artists and their families

At the kick-off event last Saturday, the students, their families and friends gathered in an online event to open their exhibition together and present their works. And it was a complete success: more than 100 visitors showed up for the opening on the very first day. The event was capped by a virtual tour by Course Leader Alistair Fuller, who curated and presented particularly outstanding works, including "Unmasked." by Liv Plotz (BA Fashion & Textiles) and "A Tale of Two Worlds" by game designer Franziska Walbrühl. About her project, the artist writes:

"A Tale Of Two Worlds is a vertical slice/prototype first-person puzzle adventure in which you explore ancient ruins and solve mythical puzzles."

Now it's time for the students to take a deep breath. Although sometimes exhausting, the joint work has inspired many of the students, graphic designer Carina Burau tells us: 

"The exchange and feedback among each other were really super, and during the study we built up good connections. We plan to meet soon and plan projects together for the future." 

We congratulate all graduates of the BA programs on their successful work and look forward to lots of creativity in the future. 

Here you can go through the virtual gallery doors yourself. Have fun!

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