#01 - Noah Miemelauer, Fashion Designer

It's still early in the morning when we arrange to meet Noah for an interview. Right after the first dial tone, he picks up. "That was fast, are you an early riser too?" - "No, not really" , laughs Noah, but nevertheless he is ready to answer our questions at 9 in the morning. The young Austrian founded his own fashion brand NOSUS last year; about 3 months ago he released his first collection. Of course, you have to get up early when you are your own boss. What's behind his brand, and how he turns art into clothing, the 22-year-old POP graduate tells us in the interview. 

POP: You describe your brand NOSUS as street fashion consisting of clothing and artwork. What do you mean by that?  

Noah: "First I always make drawings, which are artworks, which then come with digital printing on a garment. It's important to me to create designs that are unique and that don't exist yet."

POP: What makes your brand so special?

Noah: "Many countries come together in each garment. My shirts are made of high quality organic cotton from India, my hoodies I buy in China, of course I pay attention to Fairtrade certificates here. It is also important to me to support local businesses. That's why I have the pieces printed by a print shop near me. There I can also try things out more easily when I'm in direct contact with the manufacturer. I have the hangtags produced in Germany."

Noah's tip for newcomers to the industry: set goals, create a business plan, discipline, perseverance, cost overview.

Photo: © Designer and Founder Noah Miemelauer

POP: You say that nature and the big city inspired you - that doesn't go together at first when you hear it like that. How do you combine both elements in your designs?

Noah: "I've always been interested in fashion and I like to travel, especially to big cities. You get a lot of inspiration there when it comes to fashion. However, I prefer to live in the country, further away from the hustle and bustle. In the countryside, you get to rest and clear your head. I get inspired in nature and take a lot of photos. In the end, I end up with artwork that combines both elements."  

POP: When do you decide a collection is ready? Don't you always have the urge to do more touch-ups?

Noah: "I don't stick to timings or a fashion calendar here. As a designer, you spend a lot of time on the pieces. Only when I like everything is the collection ready. Many brands are under pressure to release a collection every three months, or even more often. I definitely don't want that. As a designer, you want to look at it every now and then and change something. Only when all the pieces fit together and are perfect for me, my collection is ready, not sooner and not later."

POP: What are your plans for your brand in the future?

Noah: "I clearly see myself as a designer. Right now I'm already working on my next collection. My goal is to eventually be able to make a good living from the brand. I'd like to be able to hire people so I can focus more on the creative aspects of a collection. When you do everything yourself, and also take care of the marketing and the store like I do, the art sometimes comes short."  

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