Each and every year: The campus calendar 2021

It is back - We are kicking off the new year with the newest issue of our Campus Calendar, one of the most popular POP Projects among students for years. It´s no surprise that we received a large number of applications again -  students from all POP Campuses worldwide coming from different subject areas handed in their work and bravely faced  the critical looks of our professional jury

On board this year were:

  • Antje Schröder (Designer - Beatsteaks, Deftones, Biffy Clyro, Billy Talent, Bruno Mars, Green Day, The Roots, Mando Diao, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jet)
  • Steffen Müller-Klenk (Photographer - D&AD Award "Pencil Short List", Red Dot Award 2010 "Designquality")
  • Helge Strauss (Photographer - Sony, ARTCologne, EMI, Sat.1, Rewe, Wella, Mercedes, Universal, Playboy, Warsteiner)

Every year, we select 12 outstanding  photography- and design works of our students and turn them into a calendar. This way, you can get inspired by creative work all year long and stay up-to-date at the same time.  

You can check out the Campus Calendar at all campuses of Deutsche POP / United POP. Additionally, you can look foward to a monthly feature with the corresponding picture here in the news section.

January: Patricia Austen - A Burning Passion for Game Design

We start our feature series with Patricia Austen, winner of the month January. The Frankfurt POP student has been drawing and painting her whole life long, and with a lifelong passion. In her free time, Patricia draws, does modelling in Maya or plays video games. The study Game Artist seems to be tailor-made for the 21-year-old:

"I decided for this study because I have been drawing and painting since I can think. For me, a dull office job was never an option"

The January picture springs from a project Patricia was working on during the Game Artist study. The task was to design characters for a video game she thought of herself, implement them in a playfully creative way and give them their individual expression. 

Protagonist: The fallen Angel. Location: A sort of Nether World.

The fallen angel is the protagonist in Patricia´s video game, which is located in a nether world. The goal of the game is to overturn the ruler of this world, start a rebellion and lead the situation to justice. 

For her illustration, Patrcia was mainly inspired by the play of forces:
Good and bad, the contrast between light and shadow, the playful dynamic between hot and cold. These main elements can be found everywhere in her illustration, for example in the angel´s expressive eyes and the light blue shimmer of the background. Spoiler: Patricia´s picture is one of the only graphic design works on this year´s calendar. 

In our eyes and in the eyes of the jury patricia executed this task beautifully and earned herself the January feature, congratulations! 

Povezane vsebine