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Communication Career in Cologne: Sign language interpreter Lisa von Fürstenberg

Sign language and professional speech - sounds like a paradox. But for Lisa von Fürstenberg this is the perfect combination for her career. The 32-year-old works as a sign language interpreter and started studying in the communication program in Cologne in April. With the course she would like to transfer the respective emotions more precisely to her counterpart. "So I can improve myself in my job and at the same time focus even more on my hobby as a speaker."

 "The start into the course was really great. The lecturer is very structured and I have already been able to learn a lot for myself".

Lisa was born in a small town near Berlin and then moved to Hamburg to study sign language. "During my studies I first came into touch with sign language interpreters. I found this so interesting that I finally completed my master's degree as a sign language interpreter in Berlin". A few years later Lisa moved to Cologne and has been working for an interpreting agency for three and a half years now.

 "I wanted a new challenge - and I found it at the Academy."

Lisa attended one of the Open Days and was interested straight away. "At first I was suspicious if I would be able to handle it while I was working, but the team helped me and provided me with all the information. So it was possible for me to organize my studies and my job at the same time." Lisa has the feeling that she often adds too much of her own character to the interpreting process.

"I want to be able to express the people' s emotions in a more personal way. The biggest challenge is to quickly involve yourself in a broad range of different subjects. Especially translating serious facts accurately is not that easy."

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