Video Producer

You are familiar with all steps of video production. You are able to completely create your own videos from camera work, sound and light to cuts. Your skills in project and media management enable you to plan, execute and commercially market projects.

  • Image design & dramaturgy in film
  • Camera work, perspective & lighting
  • Audio dubbing & synchronisation of sound and image
  • Film editing, MAZ & post-production
  • Media law, project management & shooting schedule

Single courses in your Diploma

Camera Assistant

1. Semester: You will learn how to use a film and video camera, obtain an insight into image design and dramaturgy as well as sound technology and lighting. You will create your own first clips and videos. You will assist a cameraman and will record original and atmospheric sound.

Film Editor

1. Semester: You will learn the basics of creative film cutting from the raw footage to the final cut. Learn about video signal and MAZ technology and train in optimal editing techniques. Develop your own cutting rhythm in doing so.

Camera Operator

2. Semester: Learn about the basics of technology, image design and dramaturgy when it comes to filming. You will be responsible for the concept, shooting schedule and post-production. Together with the director you will work on small projects and cut footage which you have filmed.

Project Manager

2. Semester: You will learn how to properly communicate your goals and manage your time efficiently. How do I present my product, which marketing methods are appropriate, how do I successfully work in a team? These and other questions help turn your ideas into viable projects.


3. Semester: You look through film footage and make use of your knowledge of dramaturgy, aesthetics and action rhythm. You optimise image and sound recording, synchronise the effects and music with it and provide structure to video clips, adverts, music videos and short films.

Media Manager

3. Semester: In order to market a media format one first has to know and analyse the market. You develop your own concepts and strategies, learn about media law, editing, finances, sales and marketing. You negotiate contracts appropriate for each sector and plan press and public relations work for new products.

Course structure / Duration

The overall duration of the training depends on how many individual courses are taken. Each individual course runs for one semester (half a year). Individual courses which do not build on one another can also be taken in parallel. It is therefore possible to complete individual training courses either part time or full time.
Part time: 6 semesters. Full time: 3 semesters.

Course fees

You will be able to finance your Diploma course from as little as € 75 per month. The course fees can be paid per month or per semester. If all course fees are paid up front and in full you can save up to 20%. You will find an overview of our course fees in our free information brochure. Our team on site will be happy to help you plan your training or study course during a personal advisory meeting

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