Make your voice your profession - become a voice actor

Voice acting is certainly one of the most exciting professions in the world. Earning money with your own voice and having fun at the same time? That sounds like a dream. Here we would like to briefly introduce you to the profession and give you all the facts and information about the training as a voice actor.

Your career as a voice actor:

  • Give voice to radio drama characters and bring them to life through emotion
  • Speak off-voice in a variety of productions, from documentaries to commercials
  • Lend your voice to foreign-language actors and film characters

Sounds exciting, right? Now's your chance to try it out for yourself! Our practice-oriented Diploma courses will help you turn your passion into a profession. At all of our locations, we offer individual courses in voice acting as well as an entire diploma for the complete training as dubbing artist. 

Here's what you'll learn: 

  • Correct speaking and breathing
  • The importance of tonality, emphasis & voice color
  • Radio play production & voice-over
  • Emotional acting & voice acting
  • Basics of studio technology and practical work at the microphone

Structure of the training:

  • The Diploma consists of 3 individual courses of 6 months each
  • Total duration 1.5 years

For more information about the Diploma, click here. Curious what our students and graduates have to say about the voice acting training? Click here for the features:

Interview with Leyla Trebbien

Interview with Vito Franz

By the way, it pays to be quick!

From now until Monday, 14.03.2022, we'll give you a grant of up to 900€ on your dubbing artist diploma. Make an appointment directly on campus or online and secure your exclusive offer. Are you looking for other training courses or individual courses? Throughout March, we'll be introducing you to exciting careers. There's sure to be something for you, too!

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