Photo: © Shutterstock

"SAVE AUSTRALIA“ – Huge Fundraiser by former student

Moved by the bush fires in Australia, former United POP Student Ivan K. Maras launched a huge fundraiser this year, and already collected over 3.500€ with it.

The generated revenue will largely be donated to organizations such as NSW Rural Fire Service, WIRES and CFS Foundation, which support the local voluntary fire brigade, people in need and animal welfare. Amongst other things, the donations will buy water, provisions, medkits and psychological support. The bush fires in Australia, which destroy land and lives since several months, are a wake-up call for Ivan to finally take action.

“It is obvious that change is inevitable if we want to survive“

He writes in his captivating campaign text. Ivan believes that we as humans need to stick together to really make a change. In order to motivate as many people as possible to join the campaign, Ivan intentionally chose a larger sum as goal for his fundraiser. He remains optimistic:

“Whatever small financial help you give, be sure that it unites the people to what they are supposed to be: A society of humanity”.

Photo: © Ivan K. Maras

Until February you have the chance to participate in the fundraiser: Each amount counts, and the donation of the generated revenue is guaranteed.  

In the name of United POP and especially in the name of United POP Australia we wish our former student a lot of success with his project. Naturally we support the fundraiser as well, because just as Ivan we believe in unity and solidarity – not only in the creative industry, but worldwide.