Make more out of your pictures - study photojournalism or photo & media design

Your picture says more than a thousand words! There are many ways to enter the photography business. For example, you can pursue a career as a photojournalist or photo & media designer. In both professions, you combine your images and photographs with textual design to create a compelling whole. This week, we'd like to share with you the most important information about a career in the photography industry and give you all the facts and information you need about the photojournalism and photo & media design diplomas.

Your career as a photojournalist

  • Supply photographic material for reports of all kinds
  • Combine photography with journalistic text creation and design
  • Do research and editorial work
  • You can find more details here

Your career as a photo & media designer

  • You are responsible for photo shoots and professional shootings
  • Take artistic responsibility for layouts and media designs 
  • Design visual content for all kinds of media
  • You can find more details here

Structure of the diplomas

  • The Diplomas consist of 6 individual courses of 6 months each
  • Total duration 1.5 - 3 years
  • Full-time or part-time

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Are you looking for other training courses or individual courses? Throughout March, we'll be introducing you to exciting professions. There's sure to be something for you, too!

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