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In between daily news, right in the arts and leisure section of the Weser Kurier, a pair of bright eyes catches our attention: It is Merlin Janowsky, a young songwriter, producer and DJ from Bremen. For the United POP alumnus the new year is off to a good start – the Bremer daily newspaper just published an article about him, since his remix of a 90s hit single rapidly approaches 1 million streams. Additionally, his first own song including the music video has been uploaded as well. In an exclusive interview, the 22-year-old lets us in on his plans and ambitions for 2021.

„Start making music NOW. And take it seriously!”

If Merlin Janowsky could meet his younger self, he would give himself this advice exactly. On his creative path he only regrets one thing: not having chosen it earlier. Merlin has always been interested in music – at the age of 6, he started playing the guitar, the piano followed suit. Ever since, he participated in remix competitions here and there. Harpstedt-born Janowsky describes his own productions as Dance and Electropop. Last year, under the stage name Merlin, the young musician released a remix of the 90s hit “All That She Wants” by Ace of Base. Merlin seems to get the hang of being a DJ: since March, his production was streamed more than 950.000 times. The young talent´s first own song “This Ain´t What You Wanted” already reached more than 50.000 clicks. It is no surprise that the label deal with Hamburg-based Dance Music Label Unltd Recordings came naturally for Merlin. 

Video: © Merlin Janowsky

Of course, a success doesn’t just happen like this, given the harsh competition in the EDM scene. The Bremen-based DJ reveals that many factors play an important role. Sure, it depends on how much discipline and practice you put into your music: “At home, I have practiced playing scales on my piano almost uninterruptedly”, Merlin tells us. You have to become active, if you want to build something for yourself, “being passive doesn’t work in the creative industry”. The right connections, a firm image and a bit of luck can work miracles. For Merlin, the image of the wizard came in handy: “My friends told me it’s a blessing to be called Merlin! I am the wizard” he laughs, “not in a childish way, but magical on a professional level”. In his live shows, which he hopefully can pursue this year, Merlin would like to integrate these magical elements as well. 

„Oh, you want to do something with music? “ – From skepticism to shared passion 

There probably is no creative mind that hasn´t seen it yet – relatives raising their eyebrows in skepticism, belittling comments by friends and family („and what can you do with that later? “). On his creative path, Merlin has encountered these comments as well. Many people cannot understand that passion can become a profession; that passion even is an inevitable part of profession. From a certain moment on, Merlin started to shut out negative comments and answered the calling of creativity. 

 „Schools like United POP can pave the path. The teachers focus on the needs of each student and help with their individual progress”  

After some research, Merlin found the perfect study at United POP: For one year he trained to become a Music Designer. For him, the atmosphere at United POP seemed like an entirely different world: 

„For the first time in my life, I met so many people who share my passion for music; people who are motivated to do something with it.”

For Merlin´s creative evolvement, the POP offered an ideal environment. During the interview, he repeatedly praised the networking possibilities at the academy – not only the students, but also the teachers are ready to connect any time, and to give each other tips and tricks to set foot in the industry. Through his former lecturer, the young musician even met his current manager. 

Yesterday is history, today is a gift, tomorrow…Tomorrowland!

Right now, Merlin is still working in a small team, but the energetic newcomer has big plans for the future: he is already working on his next four songs. In one of them he even sings, which also means a new step for him: “It is so important to branch out musically and technically!” 

In the new year, Merlin plans to go on a tour, work on his image and extend his coverage step by step, track by track. For him, it is not a priority to build an excessive fan base. He simply enjoys people partying to his music – no matter how many. 
His management also wants to connect him with a bigger label. It is a fact that Merlin will continue to put lots of work and effort into his music. One day, he hopes, he will perform at the Tomorrowland Festival. We hope for Merlin that this dream comes true, and we are following his career and his new projects with great interest!  

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