Photo: © Helge Strauss

Helge Strauss: Photographer & Creative Mind

Creatives and unconventional minded watch out! If you're seeking a new idea, you'll find it in Helges Atelier - and you don't have to be a photographer! A space that portrays the pure existence of an artist without being overloaded or proliferous. In addition to that, an experienced photographer who loves what he is doing and - if you are a creative receptive - will take you into his world of creativity in a few seconds. This is Helge Strauss. Photographer, passionate personality and lecturer in photo design at Deutsche POP Cologne.

"My garage was my studio."

After his internship for an advertising agency, he became a photographer. Ambitious and motivated, full of energy through the acquired knowledge, Helge Strauss decided to start his own business in 1981. Soon the photographer had requests from larger companies and more and more artists were posing in front of Helge's at that time still inexperienced lens.

"I love to photograph musicians and artists!"

Almost 40 years later there had been more than 5000 CD cover shootings and celebrities like Herbert Grönemeyer or Harry Belafonte were in his studio. For 15 years Helge worked with more than ten employees in three studios. "That was great, but the artist's side was missing out at some point. I wanted to be creative around the clock, so I moved my studio home."

Whether the art exhibition "Art Cologne", Beauty Cover for Wella or Loreal - Helge Strauss is experienced and successful - at the same time passionate and modest. "I have been teaching photo design at the Academy in Cologne for 7 years now - and I love it. I meet so many young talents."

Photo: © Helge Strauss

Photo: © Helge Strauss

"When you know what you want, you can do it!"

When asked what advice he would give his students regarding their careers, Helge answers without hesitation: "You have to be multitalented and constantly receptive to new experiences. The business is changing continuously, and you need to be alert and flexible. As long as you love what you are doing, you can do anything".

Once per year Helge organizes his workshop "Crazy People". The photo and make-up students work together and combine their passions for a few hours. The photographers are made up by the make-up artists to slip into the role of the model.

"As a future professional you will learn a lot!"


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