Photo: © Toni Holub

Feature: Singer-Songwriter TONI goes in for a career in music industry

Toni Holub graduated from Deutsche POP as Singer-Songwriter one year ago and writes German pop songs for about two years now.

The twenty-year-old musician has already released his first EP "Alles geht" ("Everything is possible") and is now performing successfully his own music on festivals, in clubs, at radiostations and even on TV.

His first song he wrote for his graduation party at school. Then he decided to make more out of his music and visited the singer-songwriter diploma at the Deutsche POP campus in Stuttgart for one year.

During that time he established contact with other musicians, producers and sound engineers, who now build an important network for his future carreer in the music branch.

In cooperation with producer Ludwig Ebert, alias Acutus, he even accomplished to be on the campus compilation 3rd Edit. with the remix of TONI's song "Du Und Ich" ("You And Me")

After studying for one year in another field, Toni Holub, alias TONI, made his decision to dedicate himself to his carreer in music industry.

This Oktober he starts his study in music management at Deutsche POP in cooperation with the University of West London to afterwards graduate as Bachelor of Arts with Honours Music Management.

He wants to focus on his own music and songwriting but also wants to gain some important knowledge for being independant of other managers and taking his own decisions for his musical carreer.

Toni's love of music already began at the age of five, when he startet learning to play the piano and the drums.

His first gigs he had at poetry- and song-slams and on open stages, where he tried his hand at performing his own songs in front of an audience. In his opinion it is the best audience for trying out new song, because the people are sincere, without expectations and always ready to give an honest feedback to the artist.

At the moment TONI is industriously working on his debut album with some producer friends and musicians he already met at the Deutsche POP campus during his first diploma.

With his album he's trying to create some music, that's not only telling his own story, but is also compatible to all the dreams and lifes of his fans and his audience.