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"Why not do it all?" - Student Feature with Eva-Janina Haas

„Why not do it all?“

Eva-Janina Haas began her studies in Cologne in 2017, where she graduated in the courses Beat Designer, Music Designer and Sound Assistant. She has recently started with the Narrator Course.

"With this course a childhood wish comes true."

Eva-Janina used to play "Dubbing Artist" in Elementary School and repeated dialogues of her favorite audiobooks and television characters. Her desire for a career was obvious from the very start: it had to be something creative.

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"Never be distracted by critical voices."

She completed her training as a media designer and in addition had studied textile and fashion technology. Creative, communicative and multifaceted jobs are part of her DNA, and that' s how she discovered the academy. It is here where she leverages the potential of our network to launch exciting projects:

" We must be open-minded. I simply talk to students or lecturers when I consider them or what they do cool. This has already resulted in some great collaborations and friendships."

Eva-Janina creates brandware under her label "Macabrequins" - inspired by the merchandise for bands and the design of album covers. She also produces electronic music as "Merrychicklit " and can be heard here as a singer as well.

Her career is shaped by her dedication to creativity - beyond all professions. "You have to do new stuff and keep moving forward - maybe that's how you discover a whole new aspect of yourself. "

Photo: © Eva Janina Haas

"Physical fitness is extremely important, especially as a speaker or singer."

In addition to her creative work, Eva-Janina likes to do a lot of sports. "Doing physical exercise is healthy - and a healthy body enhances your creativity. However, the voice is always a reflection of your mood and as a speaker or singer you can reach a lot more with the perfect workout."

To summarise, why she chose to join the academy, she says:

"As a very creative person you will find a land of milk and honey here! I have THE chance to tailor courses and modules individually to MY needs. In addition, you meet so many creative talents to collaborate in different subject areas (such as photography, make-up, fashion or music). The POP experience is based on the enthusiasm of passionate students and the dedication and know-how of the teachers."

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