United POP @ Dubrovnik EXPO education fair

Dubrovnik is a beautiful Mediterranean city, best known for its history and city walls, which by the way served as a front for the Game Of Thrones capital. At the Dubrovnik EXPO 2022, the protagonists were our colleagues from UNITED POP Zagreb!

Bringing the fun and artistic vibe to this years education fair, our Zagreb team did their best to take everybody's breath away.  

Giving insights about education in audio, photo, video, and management departments, talking about game design and music production, a virtual reality walk throught the campus in Zagreb... two days at the fair went by really fast. Located in „the chill zone“, our team created a unique ambiance reflecting the brands' easygoing vibe – dim lights, lounge seating, bean-bags, and loads of good music coming from the DJ station.

At a certain point, Zagreb campus director and electronic music producer Marin Gospić sat in front of his Ableton software while one of the visitors sang her version of a popular song called „Lutka“ (the doll). One thing led to another and soon the  visitors were swept away by an impromptu remix, wanting to know more about pursuing a career in the music industry.

"We love the laid-back atmosphere and good music so we tried to bring those vibes from our campus to Dubrovnik. I am thrilled to see so many young people taking interest in music, game design, graphic design… it is so refreshing. We enjoy talking with young people and hearing what they have to say. They are creative, full of brilliant ideas and great energy" – says Marin Gospić, director/headmaster of UNITED POP Zagreb

Dubrovnik EXPO is a central event in the region that promotes education and brings together businesses, higher education institutions, youth and the general public with the aim of achieving cross-sectoral cooperation and establishing new business relationships and projects. More than 4.000 high school graduates and young people attended EXPO2022 and surely many of them will become future UNITED POP students. 

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