Campus Calendar Feature – February: One Heart, One Soul

We can´t believe it - it´s March again. This means that we still owe you a calendar feature, so, here it is: The winning picture of the month February! This photograph is very special, because it´s not only the cover picture for calendar month number two, it also is the winning picture of all submissions for the campus calendar 2021. 

This fascinating photograph springs from the camera of Huy Quang, a former student of United POP in Leipzig. The area of photography seems to be the right choice for Huy; he passed some of his courses with excellence. Currently, the photo- and media designer alumnus completes his Bachelor Photography (BA Hons). 

Look at me!

Without question - this is a very pretty picture. But what exactly are we looking at here? The artist himself sheds light on the subject:

"The photograph is a gift for my girlfriend. I wanted to capture the special bond she shares with her dog Greta" 

Huy explains to us. A beautiful gift in our opinion!  

Especially the contrasts, which can be found throughout the whole picture, are sticking out: human and animal, light and shadow, the even structure of the skin and the dog´s soft fur, the light and dark/warm and cold of the eyes. These details are especially emphasized through the intense colors and the level of sharpness. 

Although the picture is coined by contrasts, the main characters are connected through their eyes, which are directly looking at the beholder and are the eye-catcher of the work. 

It seems that we can look through their eyes, dierctly into their souls. The girl and the dog share the same glance, they are close, they even seem to share a thought. The special bond between human and animal is established at first sight. 


The photograph seems to convey a certain calmness, but everything is not what it seems:

"Getting Greta to pose was more difficult than actually editing the photograph" 

Despite the difficulties, Huy succeeded and shot the winning picture. He definitely earned himself the main price, a brandnew iPad! Congratulations!