Fashion Designer

Design individual fashion items or entire collections and accessories. Trust your sense for what is trending and find a creative outlet for your design skills during all phases of work - from the initial idea and the draft pattern to manufacturing and producing. 

  • Digital fashion design with most common software
  • Colours, patterns & fabrics
  • Fashion illustration & sample production
  • True-to-scale industrial patterns & other patterns
  • Planning collections & fashion illustration

Single courses in your Diploma

Fashion Illustrator

1. Semester: Whether on paper or on the computer, your design ideas will become detailed technical fashion drawings. Let your eyes become accustomed to silhouettes, proportions and details. You will closely follow the creation process undergone by your fashion idea as it becomes a sample.

Pattern Maker

1. Semester: Learn how to design your own industrial patterns to scale and prepare them for mass production. You will implement your own designs, constructing and designing the matching patterns.

Fashion Designer

2. Semester: Discover the professional environment of a fashion designer and research current trends. Get to know typical working conditions in the fashion industry. You present your ideas on so-called mood boards and plan your own collection.

Model Tailor

2. Semester: Create your own individual item of clothing step by step based on your own patterns. Learn about different processing techniques - from tailor-made to industrial manufacturing.

Collection Designer

3. Semester: Based on a collection plan you will learn to be creative within a predetermined framework and to put your ideas into drawings. You will transform your designs into technical drawings and will expand your portfolio with new fashion illustrations.

Fashion Tailor

3. Semester: Sew the designs you compiled yourself as well as complex pattern modifications and let your entire creativity unfold. Due to their colours, prints, patterns and accessories, your fashion designs will be real eye-catchers.

Welcome to the exciting world of music, media and the arts – the creative industry.

Across the globe, artistic and communication as well as organisational and technical professions are among the most fun and in demand. Today, the creative sector is the third largest employer and the need for experienced experts and universal talents is growing from day to day. New trends and technical developments provide the impulse for near unlimited creativity and design opportunities.


  •  Creative
  •  Technical
  •  Organisational
  •  Communicative

Start your career as

  • Fashion Designer
  • Pattern Maker
  • Tailor
  • Fashion Illustrator
University Of West London

Course structure / Duration

The overall duration of the training depends on how many individual courses are taken. Each individual course runs for one semester (half a year). Individual courses which do not build on one another can also be taken in parallel. It is therefore possible to complete individual training courses either part time or full time.
Part time: 6 semesters. Full time: 3 semesters.

Course fees

You will be able to finance your Diploma course from as little as € 75 per month. The course fees can be paid per month or per semester. If all course fees are paid up front and in full you can save up to 20%. You will find an overview of our course fees in our free information brochure. Our team on site will be happy to help you plan your training or study course during a personal advisory meeting

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