Workshop at Open Day: From Demo to Reaching the Masses

UNITED POP Amsterdam
Q-Factory, Atlantisplein 1
NL-1093 NE Amsterdam

Saturday, 01 April 2023
13:00 ‐ 15:00‌

free of charge

Workshop at Open Day: From Demo to Reaching the Masses

In this this workshop producer/ audio engineer Nathan Oniel will be walking you through the stages you music has to go through before it reaches the platforms, from demo to an actual deliverable product you can be proud of .
At the end everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions and showcase their music for feedback and/or advice.

  • This journey all starts with the recording procces, how do we capture sound in a clean an professional manner ( vocals, guitar, piano. We will be looking at different types of microphones and recording techniques alongside the pros and cons when using any of those methods
  • Secondly we will take a look at how to get the most out of your mixes and masters, basic editing tools and principles such as eq, compression, de-essing, saturation and balancing will be explained aswell as a few creative effects such as delay and reverb variations
  • Lastly We will take a short look at how songs are structured these days and how the interest of the listener is captured and maintained throughout the song with ear candy, drum breaks, creative effects and mixing decisions (breakdown of any suggested song)

This workshop is part of an Open Day and therefore free of charge. The Open Day starts at 13:00. The workshop itself will start at 13:30. The workshop is approximately 1 hour long.

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