The start of spring is the start of the new classes - and the start of creativity!

Doors are opened carefully, curious glances fill the rooms, creativity is in the air. At the start of the courses, there is a very special atmosphere at our Campuses. Here we go again. Everyone is excited. There is Hannah, who has just started her Diploma Media Reporter after graduating from high school, or Marius, who finally wants to give his hobby, sound engineering, the desired professionalism.

No matter what you have in mind, what you dream of and what passion you want to make to your profession: Now you have taken your first step! That feels good, right?

Maybe you are still uncertain whether you will reach your goals. Maybe you are more confident about your new course because you know exactly what you are able to achieve. But no matter how you feel at the beginning, what you need now is passion. The passion to achieve more and more every day, the joy of new experiences and challenges. You can look forward to meeting new creative faces from all areas. Talk to fitness queens, jam with music students and network with prospective photographers who will record your next project. Use the campus community, be open and courageous. If you love what you do, you've found the right place. It's great that you are with us.

We wish all new entrants: Have fun & success when starting your creative career!

   #getconnected #stayuntited

  Sarah Kusche - Reporter & Blogger

  Sarah graduated in Stuttgart with the Diploma Media Reporter and presents the background stories of our students, graduates, lecturers and partners.