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Students support fashion event at Alexa Berlin

Turn your outfit into something unique - supported by our fashion students.

You take your clothes and accessories to the ALEXA Berlin and be creative. With the help of our fashion students and lecturer Caroline Grosskopf, the pieces will be decorated, enhanced, modified - in short: transformed into truly unique pieces of clothing.

According to the slogan "Make it Yours", basics can be easily turned into extraordinary pieces! Photos and examples give you inspiration and ideas, what is possible and how it might look at the end.

Then you decide at which action stages you want to be creative:

  • Painting and Spraying
    Fabric paints as spray or brush paints, pens, brushes, stamps and stencils - everything is there for you. Of course, we also have pins and scissors - and smocks to protect your outfit.
  • Sew on applications
    Fabrics and fabric scraps, templates, scissors, sewing thread and sewing machine are just waiting for you to create something great out of them. Have you ever had a needle and thread in your hand? A sewing machine operated? Just try it, we'll help you! And: There are applications for ironing on.
  • Sewing with tapes
    Also with ribbons, buttons or sequins, you can turn your clothes into unique pieces. Let your imagination run wild, use various ribbons and buttons, sewing and darning thread or wool in bright colours (of course you can also bring your own material) and get to work!
  • Kids, what fun!
    Kids may not be as skilled, but they have a lot of fantasy! The future fashion designers can also let their imagination run riot here with fabric paint and pencils, prefabricated stencils and stamps ... and create great new styles.

Fotografija: © Sierra Germany GmbH

The cooperation with the ALEXA Shopping Center in Berlin offers our students an important industrial experience and references for their own portfolio while they are still studying. We would like to thank the participants for their dedication and wish them an exciting DIY event this weekend in Berlin.