The year 2020 was supposed to be a great year for music and culture -  Andreas Hahn's concept agency had planned a lot of events with great artists. But spring started out with a big disappointment: the event ban put a damper on the team's plans and sent their anticipation down south. But in the chaos of moodiness, cancellation conditions and paperwork, Andreas suddenly had a thought:

"Good ideas are our strength, let's do something with that now!"

If you can't come to the music - then we'll bring the music to you!

Necessity is the mother of invention, and so the POP lecturer from Leipzig had the saving idea: What we need is a delivery service for art and culture!  That's how the initiative 'Kultursendung' (culture delivery) came into being - a fitting name, since here culture is literally being delivered. When ordered online, Andreas brings artists into local front gardens - and whole neighborhoods to a smile.

An ingenious idea - agrees the Tagesschau, a German news service. Last week, the Tagesthemen featured an article on the very personal, crisis-proof concert service. Andreas tells us in an interview what exactly this means.

Besides working in his concept agency, Andreas supports our Bachelor students with seminars on the topic of Digital Profiling.

"Working with the POP is fun. You meet an incredible number of characters in different courses. I really like the human aspect and working with motivated, creative people," he sums up.

Kultursendung - music delivery

In his everyday life Andreas comes into contact with a wide variety of people; so it is no surprise that a wide variety of artists can be found in the programme of Kultursendung. Through a website, music lovers can choose between different genres, such as singer-songwriter, classical music, jazz, country, blues and reggae; personal readings and theatre can also be booked. The initiative even offers a children's surprise for the little viewers, so there is something for everyone.

For a small fee, you can send Vivaldi to grandma´s front yard, send your friends some theatre or give your neighbours a portion of rock 'n' roll in the courtyard. Just fill out the form, pay directly, and the artists of your choice are 'packed and shipped'.

"We deliver culture to your doorstep. From a distance. In real time. An initiative against imminent camp fever, for a cheerful change and to support local artists. Live is Life!" it reads on the official website. There is no better way to describe it. 

With already almost 150 "culture packages" sent out since the beginning of April, the initiative is already a complete success - this not only helps the bored citizens, but also the artists, who are of course happy to finally perform in front of an audience again.

From balcony to balcony, to the news, to all of Germany!

Word of such a creative project gets around quickly, the press has been full of praise from the very beginning. Last week, the Tagesschau became aware of the cultural programme and produced their own feature. There is one thing above all that can be seen in the feature: The project receives a lot of positive feedback. The people are impressed and happy that they are thought of.

Especially for residents in old people's homes, the music deliveries are a welcome change to the usual daily routine. And even whole neighborhoods, which otherwise have little to do with each other in the big city hustle and bustle, unite on their balconies to enjoy a bit of culture together.

"Unbelievable, so many positive reactions, people pass it on from house to house, from balcony to balcony. We are showered with positive reactions. That's what drives us and what makes the event so much fun," Andreas said in an interview with the Tagesschau.

After the report in the Tagesthemen, the number of hits went up even further; on the Kultursendung website, it is raining compliments and gratitude. What began as a local project with artist, friends and partners is now met with enthusiasm in other cities and developing into a Germany-wide initiative. Thus, an expansion in the central German area is currently on the agenda, and then it will continue! With so much positive feedback, this very special concert format can perhaps even be continued after the crisis period.


Kultursendung is a great example of creativity and unity through music and culture. People come together at a distance and help each other through the crisis. You can switch off for a moment, concentrate on the nice things and look forward to better times coming soon. For Andreas these are the "personally valuable and touching moments".

We say: Brilliant idea!