Creativity finds a way

This was proven by students of the Photo Editor course in Amsterdam and their latest project. In the context of their final project work, they created a virtual exhibition with the topic “Curves everywhere”. The exhibition was supposed to be held onsite, which was not possible due to current Corona regulations. Without further ado, the students thought of a creative alternative: In a nine-minute-video, they implemented their works in a central project that will last forever.

Creative Differences?

Melancholic music, a dark background, quick images. The virtual exhibition of the Photo Editor course has something mystical. The students Annika Parhamaa, Daria Khaskina, Elena Schneidewind, Omar Hamadto, Valérie Heidman and Natasja Solaja from the campus in Amsterdam have merged their final works into a shared project. In collaboration with their teacher Eva Kasbergen, they curated their shots and presented them in a short video clip. Along with the works comes a small profile of every artist,  a description of how each of them interpreted the topic, and what inspired them to take the presented shots. In the end, no work is like the other:

From animal motives and portrait photography, to buldings, landscapes and apparently random items – anything can be found in the final result. Sometimes light and shadow are the central from of expression, sometimes forms and color play the major role. Many facettes of creativity harmonize together, unified through music and a central topic.

Seeing the works of different students in one project is very exciting and shows that creativity can be expressed in many different ways. We congratulate the students and their teacher to this captivating creative project.

#getconnected #stayunited

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