Fotografía: © Jakob Schwab

19-year-old Jakob Schwab has already got his international bachelor's degree

Jakob Schwab has already graduated as Bachelor of Arts with Honours Music Technology Specialist. To have a bachelor's degree with 19 years offers him the best possibilities to make it to the top in music industry.

The young newcomer producerstarted his courses at our Deutsche POP campus in Vienna. He combined the department music & sound with marketing & management to gain some important knowledge in music management as well. But he always focused on sound engineering and music producing.

Currently Jakob alias Abstract D.O.T. is booked by agencies as a rapper and live musician. In addition to that he wants to build another string to his bow as DJ. His biggest dream is to live off music and getting successful in America, where he already had the chance to establish some important contacts.

His first EP "first born", which he produced completely on his own during his studies, is already available on different music platforms. Meanwhile he's working on a mixtape and of course planning his first album.

Abstract D.O.T. on Facebook

Abstract D.O.T. on Soundcloud

Fotografía: © Jakob Schwab

 BA (Hons) Music Technology Specialist

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