Fotografía: © Chirly Chantal Hübenthal

CAMPUS CALENDAR 08/2019: Chirly Chantal Hübenthal

Chirly is a child of summer and the creative mind behind the picture in August. The project follows the theme "Summer Feeling" and was created during the Photo Design Course at Campus Cologne.

    "As a photography student, I particularly appreciate the collaboration with the fashion and make-up courses.

Fotografía: © Chirly Chantal Hübenthal

The aspiring photo and media designer loves to give simple subjects their soul and what she calls the "typical Chirlyart Touch".

" I often have a direct vision of how the picture should look and what it should convey. It's fun to aim for that goal and ultimately have a photo, which many people like".

"During my time at Deutsche POP I met so many talented people!"

Chirly also attended the Single Course Media Designer to be able to express her creativity more versatile.

"There are so many young people around with great ideas that need to be supported. It's fun to work together and grow better and better."

In the future Chirly would like to continue to dedicate herself to her own ideas and in any case remain true to herself.

"At a certain point I would like to be responsible for the photo series of notable fashion labels."

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