Background Check: Diploma Content Creator

When browsing through well-known job portals such as Indeed, Stepstone or LinkedIn, you will find many unknown job titles and newfangled job offers. One position appears to be very popular with future employers: the Content Creator. Generally speaking, this job is about creating content – seems logical. But what exactly does this mean? How do you become a Content Creator, and which skills does the job require? In our background check, we will shed light on the subject and provide you with all relevant details, numbers and facts. 

Content Creator: Is It Really a New Position?

The job title Content Creator undoubtedly arrived in the job market and gains popularity amongst employers, but also amongst people looking for jobs. This quickly becomes clear after an analysis with Google Trends: since the year 2017, there is a constantly growing, worldwide request for the search term Content Creator. The web features countless articles and blog posts, in which the occupation is looked at from different angles (starting with “is Content Creator a real job?”, to “why do I need a Content Creator for my company?”).

However, Content Creators have been sought after for quite some time now; their area of work isn´t such a novelty after all. The creation of different contents has been a part of the marketing since forever. Then again, the relevance and spectrum of the job appear to be increasing: companies need more content. Be it because of the growing use of social media, or because of the rise of new marketing platforms. It then seems logical that the growing field of content creation developed into an autonomous job position.

A quick job check on different portals confirms this trend: currently, there are 529 open job offers for professional Content Creators on Stepstone (Germany-wide, 15.03.2021) and 550 entries on Indeed (Germany-wide, 15.03.2021). The interesting thing here is that no two job descriptions are alike, which leads us to the most important question: what exactly does a Content Creator do, and why is content so important?

The Link Between Company and Client

Good content is important, simply because it creates a connection point between your company and your client. Through different channels, a company can convey different information in various forms to their clients. Through content, you directly interact with the client, build a valuable relationship, nurture it, and receive insight into customer behavior through feedback.

Content Creators can be used for various contents in numerous fields, which makes the job very flexible and individual. From department to the medium and the actual type of content; any combination is possible. Content can be created in different languages and styles, from casually entertaining to academic and professional. Moreover, content is created for different target groups and various markets; from the creation of simple posts to fully developed strategies and concepts.  

This way, a content creator may focus on a certain niche or cover a broader service. An example:

  • Content Creator 1 exclusively generates photo reports for a trade journal in the technology area
  • Content Creator 2 develops and supervises an entire social media concept for the channels of a university 

The Profile of a Content Creator

Like the position itself, the job offers for Content Creators are very facetted. Depending on the job advertisement, Content Creators can work with a fixed contract for companies and agencies, or employ a freelance business – a “one-man-ad-agency”, so to speak. Employers usually describe exactly the type of content they are looking for.

The flexibility of the job allows companies and agencies to select the perfect employee for the job by making their requirements very clear. A Content Creator has the task to fulfill these requirements and convince the employer with the generated content, helping with the communication of an image, a brand, a product or a message to the clients.

Although there is no „classic“ job description for the position, several requirements resemble each other. An employee in this area should be creative and flexible; he or she should be able to conduct correct research and analyses, and might have to know their way around certain programs.

How do you become a Content Creator?

Oftentimes, employers ask for a sort of portfolio with work samples, which substantiate your work experience and give an impression of your personal style. This is why it is so important to start collecting material for a portfolio as early as possible. Creative experience in the area of content creation can be gained in various ways, for example through voluntary work, projects or hobbies (blogging, vlogging, social media channels, etc.). Especially educational programs in this area can offer you valuable practical experience. You plan and realize projects, work actively on your portfolio, do internships and start networking with relevant people in the creative business.

At United POP, you can book the Diploma Content Creator. In our intensive study program, we provide you with all the skills you need for the multi-facetted job of a Content Creator. You will be ideally prepared to specialize in the area of your choice and find your personal style. More information about the diploma can be found here.


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