Fotografía: © Fabian Tischler

BA-Students showcase Project Works in virtual Exhibition

We had to wait for almost a year, now the time has come again! Our students of the current Bachelor programs Fashion, Photography and Graphic Design* worked hard for months and are now about to present their project works in a virtual exhibition. Some of them are still in the middle of their studies, some are now graduating with a validated BA (Hons) degree from the UWL. This calls for a celebration! On Saturday, May 8, students, teachers, friends and families are gathering to toast to this success; and to get inspired by the creative works of our alumni (to be). 

* The Bachelor (Hons) programmes delivered by United POP are validated by the University of West London and comply with the requirements of the UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education and the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area (FQ-EHEA).

Untitled 2021

The special thing about this year´s exhibition is the lack of a fixed motto. Instead, a photograph functions as inspiration and guideline. The picture (see right) was shot by bachelor course leader Alistair Fuller and filed as Untitled 2021. From this point on, students were able to work on their very own interpretations of the picture and implement them in their projects. 

Fotografía: © Alistair Fuller

Distant – So far, yet so close 

The promotional artwork for the exhibition was made by Fabian Tischler, a current BA student of our own. The graphic designer from Frankfurt currently studies his last trimester and won the contest for the cover design. The students from the three different creative areas all created their own promo design; here, no limits were set for the visual design. The current artwork is an original Fabian Tischler.  The artist himself gives a short introduction: 

„If you look closer, you will see that the poster unites all three creative areas" 

We see a photograph of two young men, one of them is Fabian himself. They are wearing designer clothes while ascending a flight of stairs featuring the words "distant online exhibition" as a graphic element. According to Fabian, the decision for this title is a reference to the corona pandemic. Distant not only describes the nature of the exhibition, but also refers to how students experienced their student life in the past year. Collective classes became online lectures, student parties made way for remote gatherings. Fabian wanted to highlight this aspect, because this distance is not necessarily something bad; it also creates the possibility to see things from a different angle and create something new.  


Fabians main message is that the virtual exhibition not only unites the different creative areas; the featured art also brings us as people together, no matter how far apart we might be. He adds:

„The poster uses a muted color palette, consisting of orange, beige and black. This gives the poster a nostalgic feeling, something that is going
to be very popular this year"

When it comes to graphic design, Fabian is mostly interested in brand identity and corporate design; in this area he collected quite some freelance experiene already. The young designer will present his own works at the exhibition as well. This much he can tell us: his exhibits will also take the direction of corporate, but not exclusively. We are looking forward and can´t wait until Saturday! Are you as excited as we are? You can ascend the virtual stairs yourself and be part of the official Bachelor Kick-Off event! Sign up here and see you Saturday!