Sound engineering under palm trees - POP students work for ROBINSON Club

Working where others go on vacation? Let's be honest - who doesn't dream of that? For Raphael and Dustin from Cologne, this dream has now come true. The two POP students were selected at the current ROBINSON casting in cooperation with United POP to go to real vacation spots. At different locations of the ROBINSON Club, the two will pursue their future business as sound engineers. Gaining a lot of professional experience and getting a crispy tan at the same time - not everyone gets such a chance. Find out who they are and how you too can apply for a casting.  

Turning passion into profession 

A life without music would be unimaginable for Raphael and Dustin. The two produce tracks and play various instruments in their free time. So the choice to study music was anything but difficult. "I studied Sound Engineer and BA Music Technology Specialist at United POP," Raphael reveals to us. Dustin also completed the BA alongside Music Management and the Audio Engineer: "I learned so much there, and put so much work into the Bachelor. You just have to aim high, my motto is all or nothing," Dustin confesses. Their passion for music makes Dustin and Raphael the perfect candidates for a job at the ROBINSON Club. But how did the two of them actually get to the casting?

Just do it

Dustin, who found out about the casting via the black board at United POP, found himself directly in the job description: "I realized that the job would be perfect for me and applied without further ado. It's really a stroke of luck!". Raphael, on the other hand, admits that he had doubts at first: "I thought that they were surely looking for someone with a lot more experience. But I just applied anyway, it couldn't have been more than a no. Now I'm glad I took the plunge!" In the end, it was more like a get-to-know-you conversation than an audition for the two. "You look together to see where strengths and weaknesses lie, and what the club in question is actually looking for," Raphael recalls. This is how the ROBINOSN Club found two of its new event technicians at the Cologne location. So the bottom line is: Just go for it and apply. 

I´m going on a trip, and I´m taking... 

Sunscreen, swimming trunks studio equipment! "Maybe the guitar as a second passenger on the plane" Dustin laughs. The checklist for his luggage is complete. The young music enthusiast wants to use his free time on Fuerte Ventura primarily to improve his production skills: "I don't think it will be boring there, I'll take my home studio with me, quasi as a small travel studio. Ideally, I'd like to have a complete EP ready when I come back." Just like Dustin, Raphael hopes to use his time at the ROBINSON Club to figure out where he actually wants to set foot in the audio world. The island of Kos (Greece), which will soon have a new resident, doesn't seem like the worst place to find oneself. The fact that the tasks of the two event technicians vary greatly means that they can take a close look at each area (from miking to mixing to lighting). "I already have a lot of experience in live and sound engineering, but this is an incredible opportunity for me to find my true passion now!" enthuses Dustin. 

Especially fresh out of college, it's exciting to go abroad and explore new worlds. For Raphael and Dustin, however, working for the ROBINSON Club is much more than a stay abroad, as they combine it with professional experience in their field. "It's best to look at everything and take advantage of every opportunity. I actually wanted to start my own business as a sound engineer, so now I'm doing that when I get back," Raphael tells us. For Dustin, the ideal job would be a mix of live events and his own music production.

But now it's time to get on the plane

The two of them are naturally very excited. Dustin is especially looking forward to meeting musicians from all over the world and to the varied work. His biggest horror scenario would be a dull 9-5 job - he cleverly avoids that here. To achieve his goal, Dustin recommends one thing above all - just think positive, don't do things by halves, keep a cool head: "We only have 80 years, I want to use the time as effectively as possible. So look at everything that comes like a gift." Raphael adds, "Never give up. At some point, your efforts must pay off." 

Working in paradise, you can too! In 2021, two ROBINSON castings have already taken place at United POP locations. In the new year, we will go into the next round with two more castings in the areas of lighting & sound, event technology, DJ, stage design & decoration and costume & props. Conditions of participation and exact dates can be found at your location in Hannover or Stuttgart. 

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