In this six-week photography course for beginners you will discover the amazing possibilities that are achievable using your camera. You will be inspired by learning how your camera can achieve specific results by mastering the exposure settings. You will also learn how to see and control lighting. This includes using natural light and studio light.

After this Short Course you will:

  • Master how to control your exposure manually.

  • How to use light meters professionally.

  • How to use the exposure triangle.

  • Understand when to use specific camera settings to achieve specific results.

  • Understand how to capture an image the way you imagine it.

  • Confidently understand what camera settings are appropriate for shooting portraits, landscapes and food.

  • Confidently set up studio lighting.

  • Set correct exposures using studio lighting using flash and a flashlight meter.

  • Achieve different lighting effects in the studio.

  • Set up product lighting.

  • Understand natural lighting including the quality of light and lighting direction.

Level: Beginners

Equipment Requirements: For this short course you need to bring your own DSLR camera.

Course dates: 6 x Saturdays (6th July / 20th July / 27th July / 3rd August / 17th August / 24th August)

About the trainer:

David Ewing is a professional photographer offering a wide range of photographic services including event, fashion, corporate and specialist services like aerial, time-lapse and slow-motion footage. David shot for recognized clients across the world and is also an experienced trainer. David teaches in Melbourne in the department Design & Photography.

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