Ready, set, go – POP Student designs stylish backpack

Are you ready for the new semester? How about a new backpack for the current course start? We might have just the one! United POP presents: the Boninger Premium Backpack. This multifunctional, stylish backpack was designed by UPOP student Ramazan Karayilan. There is a high demand for the spacious allrounder on the market: the backpack is sold on platforms like Amazon, Aboutyou or Galeria. But what makes this backpack so special? In a short interview, the Frankfurt Fashion student introductes us to his newest creation.

No Matter Who You are - Your Backpack Adapts 

Almost everyone needs it, almost everyone has it - a bit of wearable extra space to stash some stuff on the fly. Pouch, suitcase, purse or bumbag - there are countless options. As hands-free alternative, a backpack is the first choice for many, one of which is Ramazan from Frankfurt. The POP student designed his own backpack, which packs all the benefits. What makes his backpack so special? Ramazan tells us: 

„My backpack is made for everyone. Whether you work in a bank, travel a lot, are a student or athlete" 

A real allrounder? "Exactly. Thanks to the exchangeable compartments this backpack easily changes from study-bag with laptop-compartment to mini-travel-bag. No matter who you are - your backpack adapts."

Commodity Item Backpack – A True Allrounder

If you hear the term "Fashion student", you might think about many things before you think about backpacks. The opportunity to design a backpack basically just presented itself at some point: "a friend of mine has an own brand. He asked me if I felt like designing a backpack for him". After a couple of months of hard work the final product was born: The Boninger Premium. When it comes to designing, a balance between looks and functionality is important to Ramazan.  Of course, the looks are 

"...important, because it attracts the customer. But in the end it all comes down to what your backpack can do." 

Rama really succeeded in creating this harmony; the Boninger doesn´t only look good, it also offers lots of space and useful features. In just a few seconds the daily backpack changes to study bag, travel bag or sports bag. This makes the all-in-one-backpack a perfect companion (by the way, it is also waterproof). With its countless features (trolley-handle; USB- and headphone jack; compartments for valuables, bottle, smartphone, etc.; additional electronics compartment for stashing your laptop or tablet; etc.) the backpack unites functionality and smooth design.  

Real Craftsmanship

Ramazan always knew that design is more than a hobby to him. In order to start his path to proficiency, he decided learning the craft at United POP. Here the fashion student learned how to materialize his ideas: "I knew that I wanted to do something with fashion, but I had no idea how to start". During his study the young designer really broadened his horizon: "You dive deep into the details and learn additional things like marketing, everything about fabric and patterns". Through practical experience, Rama was able to take the designs from his imagination and create them in real life. The Frankfurt student, who likes to do sports in his free time, is currently developing his own sports brand which he hopes to launch this year. This much he can tell us: There will be more than "just" backpacks; the focus will be on sportswear. Who knows, maybe we can buy a shirt that matches the Boninger at the end of this year! We wish Ramazan lots of success on his design journey. 

You want it? You got it. 

Of course, you can get your very own Boninger Premium, for example at Galeria or Amazon