Photo: © Carina Burau

Curtain Rises for Campus Calendar Feature April

You take... a bit of common charcoal, last year´s carnival costume, a quick pose and voilà – the winning shot of the month April is born. This time, the current calendar picture comes from beautiful Cologne. Graphic-design alumna and BA-candidate Carina Burau gives us a glimpse into the making-of of her portrait shot in a short interview.

Photo: © Carina Burau

Dad, get the Charcoal!

From a dark background the main focus of the photograph emerges. We see a young woman with a determined glance in her dark eyes. She is wearing a quiver with arrows, a bow and ammunition; she appears to be a sort of soldier. Her face is covered in a dark substance, probably soil or dust. The main tone of the picture is dark, which can´t be said about the story of how this picture came into being...

The photograph was taken in the context of a homework for the photo editor course at United POP Cologne. The task was clear: Create a Movie Poster! 

Some of you might suspect it alreay - Carina had the story of Tomb Raider in mind when taking the picture. A friend of hers posed as central figure. Of course, Carina doesn´t have an armoury at home; as requisites she simply dug up old carnival gear. And what about the dark substance in the girls face? Of course, she didn´t have to roll around in dirt; for the make-up carina used common charcoal.

„We got some charcoal from the bag and merrily rubbed her face with it" 

Carina tells us. Add a little lipstick and ta-dah – the warpaint is done!

In her Element

Carina did well on the motive, the jury finds. She proves that a great picture also can be taken with minimalistic and improvised equipment. The young students true passion, however, lies in the area of graphic design: "I definitely wanted to get to know the area of photography to broaden my knowledge; but I personally think I can grow more in graphic design". Her talent as graphic designer mirrors in her grades:: Most of her courses Carina passed with excellence; this year she will continue with her bachelor´s degree. 

„I like the small groups at the POP, they allow individual support. You don´t sit in a lecture hall with 400 people, everything is more private. You get more from it and are more active. I´m glad it will continue like this!"

We wish the aspiring designer all the best for her studies; congratulations to the April Feature! 

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