Life is full of perfect motives! – The snapshot for the month march

It´s time for another Campus Calendar Feature! This month we have a breathtaking black and white work in our program. The March motive for our current calendar was shot by Hanna Bilfinger from Stuttgart. 

As a visual person, she studied several courses in the graphic-. photography- and media area at United POP.  There was a time in which Hanna didn´t spend much time on her photography, she was often unhappy with the results:

„It always looked different in my head“

During her studies, Hanna learned emphasizing her strengths and not raising any unrealistic expectations about her work. Very often, you can´t plan and stage a motive down to the smallest detail. 

The art of photography is fascinating to Hanna because she can express herself creatively with colors and forms. She adds that fashion, landscapes or architecture are amongst her favorite motives; however, portrait photography is her greatest passion: "I am definitely a people photographer" she laughs. Every aspect is fascinating to Hanna, because she is "...interested in people themselves. Their lives, their points of view, their feelings. You can tell a person´s story through photography".

The hunt for the perfect moment...

We see a mass of jackets and heads, forming a crowd, Hanna is right in the middle of it. Suddenly, somebody turns around. She looks into a set of eyes which belongs to a little boy who is looking right at her. As an experienced photographer, Hanna has her camera ready, it seems to be the perfect moment. She takes her position and captures the scene just in time. 

…or was it just the right place and the right time? 

The result shows the little boy in a bright jacket in the middle of the picture, standing out of the anonymous crowd of dark coats and backpacks. His look seems serious, through the mask his eyes are brought out even more. The high-contrast picture was taken in the context of a project work at United POP. Hanna visited a Black Lives Matter demonstration in the Summer of 2020 in Freiburg, taking pictures for a photo documentation. But how did this motive happen exactly? 

„Actually this was a coincidence, the boy turned around to see what is going on. Luckily, he looked long enough for me to take the picture"

Sometimes you don´t have to chase the perfect moment, it presents itself to you at the right time; however, as a photographer you should always be prepared!

The Being-on-the-watch paid off for Hanna - Congratulations on the March Feature and this expressive snapshot!