You take on artistic responsibility for photo shoots and layouts. Your skilled knowledge of image composition, visual communication, media design and photography helps you to professionally prepare your ideas for use in various media.


  •  Creative
  •  Technical
  •  Organisational
  •  Communicative

Start your career as

  • Fashion Photographer
  • Event Photographer
  • Studio Photographer
  • Scenic Photographer
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Studio Manager
  • Studio Owner
  • Photo Designer

Professional photography & new media

  • Location Level 8, 350 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Course start date January 27, 2020
  • Delivery Method Classroom based
  • Duration 45 weeks
  • Cost $7500 (inclusive of Registration Fee)
  • Pre-requisites N/A
  • Entry requirements Minimum age 18*
    *Applicants under the minimum age requirements are welcomed to apply and must attend an entry interview.

First trimester:


  • The Artistic Self
  • Workflow fundamentals
  • Media photography
  • Portraiture photography
  • Colour management
  • Illustrative photography

Second trimester:

Creative practitioner

  • New tech, trends, branding and identify
  • Visual storytelling and communication
  • Digital art 1: The self-styled eye
  • Painting with light
  • Digital art 2: Innovation
  • Specialisation

Third trimester:

Professional practice

  • Dissecting the client brief
  • Sustainable creative practice
  • Industry know-how
  • Creative collaboration
  • Commercial photography

Short course: Discover The Basics Of Photography & Lighting

In this four-week photography course for beginners you will discover the amazing possibilities that are achievable using your camera. You will be inspired by learning how your camera can achieve specific results by mastering the exposure settings. You will also learn how to see and control lighting. This includes using natural light and studio light.

After this workshop you will:

  • Master how to control your exposure manually.

  • How to use light meters professionally.

  • How to use the exposure triangle.

  • Understand when to use specific camera settings to achieve specific results.

  • Understand how to capture an image the way you imagine it.

  • Confidently understand what camera settings are appropriate for shooting portraits, landscapes and food.

  • Confidently set up studio lighting.

  • Set correct exposures using studio lighting using flash and a flashlight meter.

  • Achieve different lighting effects in the studio.

  • Set up product lighting.

  • Understand natural lighting including the quality of light and lighting direction.

Tell me more

Level: Beginners

Equipment Requirements: Nothing  (option bring your own DSLR camera).

Course dates: 1st, 15th, 22nd & 29th February 2020 (4x Saturdays 11am-4pm)

Registration Fee: 599 AUD - FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: SAVE 50% - 299 AUD

About the trainer:

David Ewing is a professional photographer offering a wide range of photographic services including event, fashion, corporate and specialist services like aerial, time-lapse and slow-motion footage. David shot for recognized clients across the world and is also an experienced trainer. David teaches in Melbourne in the department Design & Photography.

Visit David's website:

Industry Partner: Pictures Magazine

UNITED POP is a division of music support group, which started as a recording studio in 1989, and now covers a wide range of services within the music & media industry, e.g. with its monthly print magazine "Pictures".

Pictures focuses on the fun of photography: the magazine inspires, gives instructions and offers qualified workshops. Exciting interviews provide insight into the world of professional photographers. Detailed reports on photographic techniques and tests of equipment deepen the understanding of photography. Constant input from all our divisions, partners and the industry form the basis of our successful concept of practical education to ensure high-quality standards.

POP Project: Annual Student Exhibition

The students from all Campuses show their projects, which were created as part of the Fashion, Design & Photography Courses in this annual exhibition.

We create and develop, we question and challenge, we shape and design. We are urban warriors of the creative industry - individual, unpredictable and simply awesome. With this exhibition, we combine contemporary perspectives of an urban lifestyle with the main problems of our time and our visions of a warrior.

Enjoy the opportunity to explore visual concepts and be reminded of the power a photograph, a design, a garment or any other creation can have. Let this exhibition make yourself aware of what we are, what we want, what our connections are and what matters.

With our „POP Projects“ students and graduates have the chance to work interdisciplinary on projects. They gain additional knowledge, receive feedback from experts and professional credits for their curriculum vitae.

The terms and conditions vary depending on the different projects. There is always a release or presentation of the final work at the end of each POP Project.

International Industry Link

We are your stepping stone into the growing media business with campuses all over Europe and Australia. Choose your desired occupation in Music & Sound, Event & Music Management, Design & Photography and Fashion & Make-up. Experience high-quality education closely linked to practical experience in order to qualify for your chosen profession in the international art & media industries. Be inspired to become a creative professional and discover exciting new career opportunities.

United POP was founded by a group of companies working in the creative industry. Today, United POP includes the business branches of Education, Media, Production & Services and is one of the leading and most innovative partner for all aspects related to music & media in Europe.

We have industry experienced trainers who are up to date with current trends and technologies. Furthermore, we have our own extensive industry networks in Europe who have assisted students in progressing their careers.