Modules overview

CUAPPR505 - Establish and maintain safe creative practice

  • Determine work health and safety requirements for professional practice
  • Identify hazards and assess and manage risks
  • Monitor and enhance safety of the practice

CUAMCP501 - Compose music using electronic media

  • Keep up to date with technologies that can be used to compose music
  • Generate ideas for musical pieces
  • Create musical pieces
  • Evaluate own musical compositions

CUAMCP502 - Compose music for screen

  • Participate in pre-production phase of screen productions
  • Generate ideas for screen music                                              
  • Create and orchestrate theme and incidental music
  • Evaluate work

CUAMCP401 - Develop techniques for arranging music

  • Explore ways of arranging music
  • Generate ideas for musical arrangements
  • Arrange music
  • Evaluate own music arrangements

BSBCRT501 - Originate and develop concepts

  • Evaluate and explore needs and opportunities
  • Develop a range of creative approaches
  • Refine concepts
  • Develop concepts to an operational level 

CUASOU405 / 504 - Record sound / Produce sound recordings

  • Prepare for sound recording operations
  • Place microphones and test recorded line-up
  • Make sound recordings        
  • Finalise sound recording operations
  • Confirm concept for recording project
  • Confirm arrangements for recording project
  • Coordinate and conduct sound recording sessions
  • Evaluate recording process and product

CUASOU407 - Edit sound

  • Prepare for sound editing
  • Edit complex sound sequences                      
  • Create overall sound context
  • Finalise editing operations

CUASOU409 / 506 - Mix recorded music / Create a final sound balance

  • Prepare for music mix
  • Mix music elements
  • Finalise mixing operations
  • Assess sound sources for simultaneous balance
  • Identify creative and artistic possibilities
  • Create final sound balance
  • Evaluate final sound balance

CUASOU503 - Develop sound designs

  • Interpret and confirm sound design brief
  • Break down components of sound design brief
  • Experiment with sound components to express ideas
  • Assess creative ideas        
  • Design sound elements
  • Evaluate final sound design

CUASOU505 - Implement sound designs

  • Confirm sound design specifications
  • Implement sound design
  • Finalise operations         

CUAIND402 - Provide freelance services

  • Promote self to potential clients
  • Negotiate work arrangements
  • Manage financial and business aspects of service
  • Undertake strategic planning

CUAMGT502 / 501 - Develop artists and repertoire / Manage artists and their careers

  • Monitor new and emerging trends in music
  • Scout new talent
  • Facilitate agreements for artists
  • Monitor progress of artists agreements
  • Establish business relationships
  • Manage career development
  • Manage business relationships
  • Develop market position of artists

CUACMP501 - Manage copyright arrangements

  • Identify opportunities for legal use of original works
  • Protect original works locally and internationally
  • Assign copyright of original works
  • License rights to original works
  • Maintain copyright documentation