Workshop at Open Day: Sampling Magic - a creativity boost

UNITED POP Amsterdam
Q-Factory, Atlantisplein 1
NL-1093 NE Amsterdam

Saturday, 09 March 2019
13:00 ‐ 16:00‌

free of charge

Workshop at Open Day: Sampling Magic - a creativity boost

In the 90’s sampling pushed Hip Hop harder than any self composed beat, but what happened with the magic that put Dr. Dre, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg and all the others in the spotlight - copyright and law happened. Is sampling now only allowed for big artists like Kanye West, Drake & David Guetta? Absolutely not. People are afraid to face the wrath of major labels, because they don’t know how to get in touch with them professionally. Don’t be afraid - be here in this workshop to get an idea of how sampling is used these days and to become more self confident to approach a label for licensing.

Learning objectives

  • be sensitised for the creative output of sampling
  • experience the usage of sampling in classic and modern examples
  • gain knowledge of how to approach labels and the basics of the clearance/licensing process

This workshop is part of an Open Day and therefore free of charge. The Open Day starts at 13:00. The workshop itself will start at 14:00. The workshop is approximately 1 hour long.