United POP/ Deutsche POP in collaboration with Yayasan Music Jakarta (YMJ) is opening up a new location in Jakarta. 

United POP / Deutsche POP chose to co-operate with YMJ and is opening up a further international location in Jakarta, Indonesia.  In future the renowned Music Production Program will be offered here in its latest form, based on the experience of more than 30 years of education and training.  

More than 6.000 students annually are attending the courses and are taking part in the study programmes of the United POP / German POP.  The request for the Music Production Program remains at a constant high. Since many years, this program successfully prepares graduates for their start into the Audio and Music industry.  “Nowadays, our study and training courses are of such a high quality in terms of content, as well as didactically and methodically, that we decided to offer them to internationally strong and reliant partners, in order to open up new growth and market possibilities for both sides”, says Rüdiger J. Veith, founder and owner of the Music Support Group, which merges further media companies under its umbrella, alongside its education and training establishment. 

Veith says further: „with Yayasan Music Jakarta we found the ideal partner, who earned himself an excellent reputation in the field of classical music education far beyond the borders of Indonesia and who is celebrating his 35th anniversary on the 9th of June of this year.”  

YMJ opened its doors in 1983 and quickly became noticed for its innovative curricula and a broad spectrum of programmes and has established itself as a pioneer in the field of classical music education in Southeast Asia, a long time ago. The institute covers the musical education from early childhood, to the duration of the school time up until a higher education degree.  Today YMJ is not only a first class music conservatory, but also functions as centre for performing arts, which offers music lovers hundreds of performances every year.  

Through the co-operation the conservatory expands its portfolio of classical music education into the field of audio and music production. Anthony Jayan head of operations comments: “in the future students should have the opportunity to broaden their spectrum of experience throughout their studies, via the interdisciplinary collaboration between musicians on the one side and sound technicians on the other side."

For further information visit www.yayasanmusikjakarta.org.