POP Projects

With our „POP Projects“ students and graduates have the chance to work interdisciplinary on projects to gain additional knowledge, feedbacks from experts and professional credits for their curriculum vitae. The terms and conditions vary depending on the different projects. There is always a release or presentation of the final work at the end of each POP Project.

Current projects


The German Synchronisation of the English movie "Half Brothers" (Derek Dean, Matthew Smiley, Jürgen Prochnow) will be done by the voice talents of our students from "acting, voice & communication". 

Students and Graduates can apply by sending in a voice sample of speaking a given text untill 31st of August. Director Christoph Lehmann will choose the suited voices and than they start overdubbing the movie.

The Participants will also get an exclusive coaching with professional Voice Actor Bernd Rumpf (the German voice of Liam Neeson or Alan Rickman, with title roles in Star Wars, Harry Potter or Batman).

For more information, please ask your local Campus Team.

A selection of previous projects


The best projects from our students in music & sound together on one compilation!

We are looking for outstanding student work for our third "Campus Compilation". For many students, the release is the first commercial publication that already serves as an important reference during the courses at the Academy and after their graduation. The design as well as the entire project management was also implemented by our students . The jury picked the best 15 tracks out of more than 100 exciting projects. The sampler was released on Open Day in July at all Campuses worldwide.


The Jury:

  • Mitch Doerfler (Producer, u.a. Thomas D, Roman Lob)
  • Gerhard Woelfle (Senior Audio Engineer, u.a. Alanis Morissette, Marit Larsen)
  • Laila Samuels (Songwriter, u.a. Lena Meyer-Landrut, Stefanie Heinzmann)
  • Woflgang Gottlieb (Course Leader Sound, u.a. Motörhead)
  • Joerg Gruensfelder (Sound & Live Engineer, u.a. Milow, Rea Garvey)
  • Luke Aaron Mayer (Musician, u.a. Mozarteum, Eduard Zaid Conservatory)
  • Costa Schley (Music Manager, u.a. MachtRAP, Jaysus)



Your fashion layout professionally produced and released - a dream for every young fashion designer. This dream came true for Julian Wotjak while studying at Deutsche POP. He won with his POP Project the creative competition of MEIN FISCHER.

As a final exam, he designed T-Shirts together with his classmates from Leipzig. He was chosen by MEIN FISCHER and despite of getting his release was awarded with a purse of 500,- Euro. All other finalist received 100 Euro each during the competition.

The shirts with the final motives are sold for 19,99 Euro at the online shop and in all branches of MEIN FISCHER in a limited edition.



Typical for books and matching the storyline, fashion design students made spectacular dresses out of (news)paper. An amazing competition from Piper Verlag together with Deutsche POP.


The Youtube Artist and MTV host Melissa Lee picked the winning designs and gave insights in her YouTube Channel BreedingUnicorns.


13 outstanding projects of all our students on one sampler – the campus compilation goes to the next round! Graduates from the department “music & sound” could apply for this compilation with their latest projects.
Beside the official release of the sampler on July 1, 2016, all students, who feature the CD, get a professional mastering of their own track, free samples and media promotion. The winner of the jury’s voting wins also an AKG C414 studio microphone.

All income of the sale of the sampler is donated to a non-profit organization.


The "Fashion & Dance" is an interdisciplinary show of contemporary fashion "designed and made in Hanover".

Designers, dancers, models, actors, musicians, choreographers, stylists, photographers, filmmakers, and stage designers create a lively international fashion & dance show. At the end of the project, an event took place on June 25, 2016 in Herrenhausen.



There was a great disturbance in the Force. Have you felt it?


This is the trailer for the official "Star Wars Fan Film Award 2016". Sven Knüppel, lecturer from our Campus in Hamburg worked together with his Gula Mons Filmsyndikat and students from diverse deparments on this 15-minute epic blockbuster based around his two crazy birds Eggers & Lenni and their battle against the dark side of the Force.


We keep our lightsabers crossed for the competition, which was anounced by J.J. Abrams and is arranged by Disney & Lucasfilm.


May the bird with you!


A special practical unit took place at the academy in Cologne by lecturer Markus Schulze. Through the long-term work as a photographer for the music project "Mrs. Greenbird" (Sony Music), the opportunity for the students came up to photograph at a live concert and to put the theory into practice.


In the video, Stefan explains some basics of the concert photography, Mrs. Greenbird comes to the talk and in the end there are selected photos of the students to admire.

www.markusschulzefoto.de // www.mrsgreenbird.com


Thyphoon Haiyan claimed in 2013 many victims in the Philippines and devastated entire country areas. Inspired by the broadcasted pictures, an idea was created spontaneously during the project management course: according to the motto “Help for the Philippine – Pay what you want”, people in the city of Stuttgart could enjoy a warm meal for a monetary donation.

With the energetic support of “Malteser Hilfsdienst”, the radio station “Big FM” and a large word-of-mouth recommendation the team managed to draw attention to the creative fundraising campaign. In the end, 12,500 euros were donated.


On the Sampler “Campus Compilation” our students from all locations had the opportunity to present their project work, which was developed in their classes, on one CD. A jury selected the participants on the sampler among all submitted projects, which received at least 90% rating.

For many students, the release is the first commercial publication that already serves as an important reference during the courses at the Academy and after their graduation. The design as well as the entire project management was also implemented by our students.


The Sampler is available as a digital download in all major stores, at Amazon and through all Campuses. The entire proceeds from the sale of the sampler is donated for charitable purposes.


In cooperation with the Audiobook Publisher “Ohrland” from Cologne our students were able to live out their creative potential in the sci-fi radio play “The Tail of the Diabolus”. Thus important minor parts were taken, recording and mixing performed, an atmospheric music composed, sound effects created and also the CD artwork designed.

The result was presented at the Campus in Cologne. Besides an autography session with the Narrator Florian Mischa Böder and an information event with the Author Helga P. Schubert, the visitors were able to gain insights into one multifaceted production of the radio play in many fascinating workshops.


True to the motto ”creative – open – regional”, our dedicated Event Managers put their final project into practice: they organized the Campus Festival with live acts by the academy, well known DJs, exhibition of project works and many numerous professional workshops. For all friends of HipHop, Jaysus (appointed by Bushido as a rap instructor by Kay One) gave exciting insights into the business.

Beside Swabian dishes, several hundred guests were spoiled and the following Summer Rave Open Air was celebrated until late into the night at the Salamanderareal in Stuttgart.