Pack your Bags: Work & Travel in Australia

Why Work Down-Under?

Why not? Jobs will vary depending on where in the world you end up, but working in a different culture and environment is always going to be exciting. Working overseas allows you to experience a country as a local, not just seeing the tourist sites but living the culture. Earn money to fund your travels, making your trip last even longer! Not only that, but working overseas looks great on your CV and gives you something to talk about in those job interviews back at home.


Learn A Skill Overseas

Learning while you travel makes your trip more worthwhile. Coming back home with extra skills after a year abroad will show future employers that you made the most of your experience. Take a look below to find out about learning a language overseas or picking up new skills in far flung countries!


UNITED POP Australia

UNITED POP is the international department of DEUTSCHE POP. Our Campus will start in 2018 and will offer Courses in "music & sound", "event & music management", "design & photography" and "fashion & textiles". You can enrol at one of our 14 campuses in Germany, Austria & The Netherlands and  study for one trimester or semester abroad.


UNITED POP Australia Pty Ltd
Level 24, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

For further details make an appointment at our Campus, via Telephone or Skype: