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Feature: student Laura designs artwork for Campus Compilation

Before Laura Schmidt started her diploma course as graphic designer, she did some jobs as model on the catwalk. Nowadays she keeps her mind primarily on her projects and work as graphic designer and models only for a hobby or for some projects with other students at the academy.

At the moment the twenty-one-year old student is visiting her last semester at Deutsche POP campus in Stuttgart. As her latest final project she created the winning design for the Campus Compilation 3rd Edit. (2017). Because of her outstanding achievements, she's going to attend the course "3D designer" the following semester on a special scholarship.

Laura wanted to create an artwork for the compilation CD with ants, because they're associated with hard work, diligence and their talent to make everything possible. That's what in her opinion fits perfectly to the students at Deutsche POP.

Laura is already very excited about future design projects, waiting for her after her graduation. At the moment there's also a lot of work to do for her. She has to prepare for her final exams and project presentations for the last semester at Deutsche POP.

Besides she gets ready for her future career by designing a 3D character and making up her portfolio. She is already very eager to transition into the professional world and take on the challenges of being a graphic designer. 

For the future she's toying with the idea of graduating as B.A. (Hons) Graphic Designer, but also leaves the door open for other ideas. Any time soon, she wants to work in an advertising agency, but afterwards she'd like to do 2D and 3D animations.

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Melanie Müller
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Melanie degreed as Graphic Designer in October and starts now her diploma in game design. She likes to write and wants to gain some experience in this area to successfully start her career in media business.